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The Creator Economy has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last few years and this rise isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Africa has seen its share increase in activity among creators in the media and tech space. The Creative Brief will provide insights into Africa’s Creator Economy / Creative Industry. This includes new stories about creators and creator companies, funding activity in the industry, as well as new and exciting innovations from all around the continent. Stories from The Creative Brief will revolve around exploring the growth of this new industry amongst the most diverse and unpredictable markets on the planet. Culture plays a huge role in the African creative industry, it can either limit our work or advance it -  seeing how our diverse cultures would intertwine with the technological advances of this space would be one hell of an experience you won’t want to miss!

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About TIMA

TIMA is an influencer marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria, focused on helping African Digital Creators and Publishers build beneficial partnerships with Brands. In just a short period, TIMA has been able to kick-start as well as accelerate the growth of numerous startups and small businesses in Nigeria through innovative solutions in data-driven influencer marketing, media production and out-of-home advertising. Visit the TIMA website at: www.tima.agency

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