The rapper who rose to fame with her viral single "Do You Really Like Me?" explained that the lack of a sense of community doesnt foster growth.
This year's lists reflect the diversity of content, local creators and artists’ talent from across the region.
The contest is expected to be held on December 7, 2022 with prizes of $1000 up for grabs to be won by the best creative rappers in the city.
Spotify Wrapped is the annual list of what users listened to the most during the year
The 21 year old comedian found fame during the pandemic
The Creator Rewards program is an avenue that earns creators money when they create original "pins" tailored to monthly reward goals generated by…
The data was sourced from 50,000 influencers and 20,000 brands and advertisers on Collabstr
This is coming following the series of events after Musk decided to open the verification feature on the microblogging platform to anyone for the sale…
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